Friday, October 11, 2013

Captain America and Dimension Z

For the TL/DR crowd - Thank you Marvel Comics for finally ending that atrocious "Dimension Z" storyline.

30-ish years ago, my father, knowing that I was interested in learning to read, bought me my first comic book. As a boy growing up overseas in Singapore with an ex-pat Dad from Texas... he picked Captain America. So when I say that the exploits of Cap mean quite a bit to me sentimentally ... that's what I mean. Captain America was my first comic book. Ever.

I can still see the cover in my minds eye, that's how big of an impression it made on a 5 year old boy (I also remember my first day of 1st Grade at Singapore American School so ... maybe my memory is freakishly good ... but whatever). Thanks to the Internet, I can share the image in my mind's eye with you as well.

Captain America Vol.1 #278 "Oh Thus Be It Ever" (yeah that's right, the title of the issue was a lyric from the freaking Star Spangled Banner!)

Imagine a 5 year old boy growing up overseas seeing that cover for the first time. I'd never heard of Captain America before, I had no idea who Zemo was, heck... I could barely read (I had cut my teeth on Ladybird Storybooks - fairy tales like Three Billy Goats Gruff, Rumpelstiltskin, etc.).

There he was, larger than life. Captain America! Leaping out of the cover thanks to Mike Zeck's pencils - red, white, blue and awesome. "You've pushed me too far!" ... wow, what had happened that made such a hero like Captain America angry?!?! I wanted to know, I had to know.

I'm pretty sure Dad read it too me for bedtime. 

Why do I tell the internet this? Well, so that when I say I could NOT stand the Dimension Z storyline and STOPPED collecting Captain America, you'll know what that means. Combine the DUMBEST storyline I've ever had the displeasure to read with John Romita Jr.'s pencilwork ... I ... I ... I just couldn't.

So... whoever finally got a clue, ended the Dimension Z story, and put Cap back to "normal" thank you. I'm not sure if I like the "Armored Costume" look you're going for (a nod to the movies) or the semi-reboot you're doing of all the things I've come to love about Cap recently but... you opened the comic with a flashback to Manhattan 1935 - Steve Rogers as a boy. You roped me in. Let's ride.

Thanks for giving me back Cap.

Oh thus be it ever.
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