Monday, September 23, 2013

Daddy Daughter Date - Red Lobster

Last Friday (9/20) the wife decided that Daddy and Daughter needed to have a date. This was to accomplish two goals... one, to allow V to pick a birthday present for her brother (birthday was the following day on Saturday) and two, so that daddy and daughter could spend some time together without the brother.

According to J the girl was super excited all day. When I finally got home from work, I got dressed and after a few last minute items, we headed out to find SHRIMP! ... that's what she wanted it seemed.

She informed me, as we drove, that although she liked playing with her brother, she really, really liked just being alone with her Daddy because "sometimes Morgan just always wants to be near me" ... I understood, but I also taught her that maybe Morgan likes to be near you all the time because he loves his awesome big sister so much. We'll see if she listened in the years to come I guess.

The first destination was Toys R' Us to get Morgan's birthday gifts out of the way. After a discussion about the merits of "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" versus "Mickey Mouse" we decided that V should get the Mickey Mouse items (as Daddy had already acquired a plush Jake and Captain Hook previously). V then made a beeline for the girls toys, pulled off track by Daddy to buy Morgan's gift... which resulted in her pointing at the first Mickey Mouse toy she saw with wheels (a firetruck). I suspected the Morgan might appreciate a plush Micky as well so I also get one of those. The girl then spends the next 10-15 minutes going up and down the girls toys telling me all about Lalaloopsy, My Little Pony, Barbie, Hello Kitty, and whatever else caught her eye.

Our second destination was Outback Steakhouse... in the rain, the waiting line seemed to fill the porch. So, I drove over to Red Lobster. The rain had stopped and the porch was larger so into line we went... 45 minute wait.

So I spent the next 45 minutes watching my overactive nearly five year old run around like a crazy monkey. I swear if they ever figure out how to bottle Essence of 4-Year Old they'll solve the world energy crisis. The only respite I got was an intense 15 minute game of "I Spy With My Little Eye" and she's pretty shrewd I can tell you.... best bring your A game.

Then... we went inside for a rest room break and she spent a few minutes prior just eyeballing the live lobsters. I informed her that they were pretty good eating and she licked her chops (not kidding). She informs me that she's never had lobster before (as if I wasn't aware, which was cute) and wonders what they tasted like. I informed her that they were fairly delicious and made a mental note to get something with Lobster on/in it.

Finally, after coming out of the restroom our table is ready and we sit. After telling her about how her daddy and her Yaa (Thai word for Paternal Grandmother) and my Daddy Morgan used to come to Red Lobster, we ordered the Ultimate Feast. I've forgotten how many of those I've eaten in Red Lobster alongside my Mom & Dad... seemed appropriate.

The results? Popcorn shrimp (Well technically "Walt's Favorite Shrimp") was the winner, hands down followed by the Wild Rice Pilaf. Then I discovered that she didn't like heavy butter. Once the butter was removed from the equation... the snow crab and lobster were right up there. At the bottom of the list was the garlic shrimp scampi... which allowed me to enjoy them. She also adored the Cheddar Bay Biscuits... eating two. Since she and cow milk are still not friends, we finished up with a Warm Apple Crostada which was also a huge hit.

On the drive home, I informed her that since it was very, very late we were unlikely to do many bedtime stories. Smart girl that she is, she proposed that daddy just tell her stories as we drove. I then regaled her with some family stories about my father (her grandfather Morgan that she'd never have the opportunity to know).

J tells me that she was asleep within minutes after we finally got home. I'll call the first Daddy Daughter Date a success.
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