Friday, September 5, 2008

You fascist!

My major is in history with a minor in Italian language and culture. I know all about REAL fascists and fascism. I am so freaking' sick of people (who are usually Democrats) tossing around that word like they have any idea what it means and they're completely blind to their own hypocrisy.

First of all, in the United States, we seem to use fascist to mean "You strongly believe in a political viewpoint that is not my own."

How it actually plays out seems to be: "You strongly believe in X viewpoint, do not support Y viewpoint, and are willing to vote and work to support a political agenda that promotes X. Because I don't agree with you because I believe in Y, you're a fascist."

Let me make two things perfectly clear.
1) Both Democrats and Republicans have tenants of REAL fascism in their rhetoric. That's reality. Fascism is actually a MODERATE ideology (it is more left than the right, it is more right than the left). Socialists, classical liberalists, conservatives and capitalists all share tenants with fascism.
2) Fascism is NOT Nazism. A fascist is not necessarily a Nazi, but all Nazi's were indeed fascists. If you don't understand the difference, don't get into political discussions.

Let's talk about REAL fascism for a minute. If you don't care, bail out now, because this is a rant.

Real Fascists are ultra nationalists. That does NOT mean that anyone that loves their country is a fascist. Ultra nationalism means promoting ones own nation to the exclusion of everyone else (Mussolini said it best "Everything for the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state").
- Considering how much aid we send overseas, how much money we spend in foreign trade and out trade deficit, and how intensely we are involved in the goings on in this world... we are about as far away from "ultra nationalism" as it gets. I would argue we have gone far beyond the balance point and are actually damaging out country with this position...but here's the rub ANY discussion to try and correct the imbalance... "Well, that's fascist!"
- Ultra nationalism is also extremely blind. "My country is never wrong." - It means that no matter what the state decides is the de facto course of action, the state is never wrong, and argument is not allowed. Political discussion, disagreement with one's leaders, debate, discussion, argument, and all the basics of the American political system are 100% incompatible with the Ultra Nationalist concept of REAL fascism. But get the bigotry and hypocrisy of the Democratic Party, well bub, if you actually support the government, if you agree that troops are needed in Iraq, if you believe that terrorists should be interrogated to save American lives... "You’re a fascist." Just because you happen to agree (which is your right just as much as it's your right to disagree)... well you're 100% guilty of being a fascist.

Real fascists are populists. What the hell does that mean? That means fascists believe that there are two classes of people in the world; the "good and just and downtrodden" (the fascists) and "the elites" (the opponents). The elites can take any form so long as they're demonized and railed against. Hmm. Sounds more like the Democratic Party to me. Are you a religious person in America? Do you have a good job that pays well? Do you live in a nice home? Do you own your own business that's reasonably? ... well... you're the Elite. You've got to be brought low! You're the bad guy. But never forget that anybody can be the "bad guys": Jews, Christians, homosexuals, the rich, the poor, whites, blacks, men, women, Communists, Socialists, Capitalists. It doesn't matter WHO it is, just so long as "it's their fault."

Real fascists are collectivists. What the hell does that mean? That means that everyone should pull together for the benefit of everyone else. Christians are collectivists. Hippies are collectivists. Communists are collectivists. Environmentalists are collectivists. Being a collectivist doesn't make you a damn fascist. It makes you someone that cares about somebody other than yourself. How is it different from socialism? It's not really. The difference is slight. A collectivist will use the government to FORCE people to have to consider others.... home owners associations, environmental protection laws, mandatory recycling, etc. are all examples of American collectivism. Fascism doesn't seek to destroy the class structure. It seeks for IMPOSE a system that forces the classes to work together. Broke? The state will save you and tax you for the privilege. Rich? The state will make you help the poor. Individual rights are secondary or even tertiary to the needs of the collective.

Real fascists are dictatorial. Real fascists believe that only the strength of a strong leader, usually charismatic, with a cult of personality around him (so far there have been no women fascist leaders), has the strength and power necessary to enact true change. To get elected (every fascist leader so far has been elected... never forget that) that leader will use populist arguments to paint a dire picture ("The sky is falling, the sky is falling! My fellow citizens, if we don't act now our country and the planet will be forever lost!") and uses that as the platform to come into power. The "I will save us. I will make the changes needed. I will make the bad people stop keeping you down." arguments on the campaign trail are all echoes of old school classical fascism.

Real fascists believe in a strong military for defense as well as offense. Real fascists believe in using the military to advance the state. "Offense" means taking land and resources by force for the benefit of the state. Just because the army leaves your own national borders doesn't mean it is now assuming the role of jackbooted terror troops of the state. If you still believe, every time you go up to the gas pump and pay those prices, that we went to war for oil… you're an idiot.

Real fascists oppose free capitalism. They believe that the government is responsible for managing and controlling certain industries that are vital to the state (like, oh I don't know... fuel). They believe that the government, not free trade, should govern the prices of these key industries and wages. Contrary to the collectivist tenant, the opposition to free capitalism and the belief that government should be responsible for managing and controlling industry makes real fascism 100% opposed to trade unions. Not because they don't believe in organized workers... but because they believe the state to be the best one to do it. Real fascists also oppose the idea of interest and finance capitalism... they want to have control over debt, loans, interest, and credit in the country. They want to take control of banking and regulate it as it pertains to the state. We already do this and have been doing it since just after the Great Depression; it's called the US Treasury. Interest rates are based on Prime + whatever interest the company wishes to charge. Prime is set by the Government.

Real fascism is incompatible with true religion. Real fascism strives to make the secular state more important to the citizen than his or her faith. Atheist individuals are the ideal citizens of both classical Marxism as well as Fascism because the intent is to promote the "state above all else." Fascism and faith are completely incompatible because both strive for all of the resources of the citizen. One cannot serve two masters. However, don't think just because you're a person of faith that you're free of fascism's taint. Fascism WILL use organized religion as an ally and means to gain power. Politically active religions are at risk of being used by fascists to help them come into power. Know any charismatic political leaders to use a local religious organization to come to power and then dump it when it became expedient recently?

Real fascism believes in social interventionism. That means that the state WILL get involved in your business. However, HOW that will come about is not fixed. Italian fascists believed that abortion and birth control was bad. German fascists believed that abortion and birth control was good. Italian fascists believed that Italians were best because they were culturally Italians (regardless of race). To that end they tried to improve the Italians standard of life through cultural programs (paid for by the state at the expense of the Elite). German fascists believed that Germans were best because of Aryan genetics. To that end they tried to improve the German race via genetics (eugenics, prohibiting procreation with lesser races, promoting sex and babies among Aryan parents with or without marriage, etc.).

I've heard hard right folks accuse the left of fascism and there's truth there. I've heard hard left folks accuse the right of fascism and there's truth there. What makes me sick is that fascism has become a joke. The word means nothing anymore. THAT is the real danger.
  • I believe in individual freedoms as well as individual responsibility.
  • I believe that the government should get the hell out of my life and my business.
  • I believe in God and if it comes to my state or my faith, my faith wins.
  • I believe in free capitalism and trade.
  • I believe in earning what you're worth and making as much money as you can.
  • I believe that a military exists for the DEFENSE of the state, never, ever for attack. Your land is yours, but if you attack my country I'm going to dump a ton of hurt on yours.
  • I believe in the right of elected officials to determine policy, not a dictator or political elite.
  • I believe those officials must ANSWER to the people, if they don't I want them fired. They're MY employees.
  • I believe that I should help others, recycle, and be environmentally aware because I WANT to as a human being and a Christian, not because the state tells me to or forces me to.
  • I don't believe in populist bullshit. I think in America you're as successful as YOU want to be. You make the decisions, you reap the benefits. You succeed or fail based on your own strengths or weaknesses. There's no "class" in America, only opportunity. There's no elite, there's just those that succeeded and want you to succeed as well. I sure as hell don't believe in your right to be as successful as I am just because we're both Americans or vice versa; and I sure as hell don't want my hard work to go and bail out parasites. Nor do I want those more successful than I am to take food and money from their own families to help mine.
  • I love my country and think it's the best nation on this earth today and possibly the greatest nation that has ever existed, but I sure as hell don't think that it's always right. Thank God for political debate and argument. I don't think we should only protect our own interests, but I think we've gotten TOO involved in the affairs of others at the expense of our own.

I'm no fascist. I'm an American.

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