Thursday, January 6, 2005

Hong Kong #1

Adventures of a Texas gwailo in Hong Kong
I figure I better write down my thoughts and observations now or I'll forget them if I let too much time pass by.
Day One
Wednesday 1/5/05
We arrived in Hong Kong around 10pm. Ken L., our contact with the company met Jim F. and I at the airport. We rode a bright red cabback to our hotel, the Empire Hotel Kowloon, and got checked in. Once we got there, Ken, Jim and I went to meet up with James C. a UK buyer and Peter L. (Ken's older brother) for dinner at a little Japanese sushi bar. We sat around talking about business and how it sucked for just about everybody globally this year and various other things. Everybody else had beer and I drank water and enjoyed myself very nicely. We found out that Ken and James were heading into China in the morning for two days so we bid everyone good night and dragged our butts back into the hotel at 1am. The Empire Kowloon is very nice. Our room, on the 25th floor, has a view of Victoria Harbour from our window (can't see much in the dark right now). The room has a big bathroom, it's painted in nice colors, and is all in all a small but nice room. I took a hot shower and crashed in the extremely comfortable bed.
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