Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Hong Kong #7

Day 7
Tuesday 1/11/05

I left Hong Kong at 12:05 pm local time after going by the office one
last time to say goodbye to everybody and wish James C. a happy
birthday. The flight to New Jersey took 14 and 1/2 hours. When I got
to New Jersey I was reminded again of how rude many yankees can get.
When I was in Communist China, I never once heard over a PA system
"Any unclaimed baggage will be confiscated by the United States
Government" ... nice guys... gotta love the Homeland Security folks,
they just make you feel so welcome. Compared to Hong Kong airport, New
Jersey was a festering cesspool of chaos. 2 hours sitting around
Newark airport and another 4 hour flight later I arrived back home in
Dallas. What a week.
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